Thread subject: :: Fly bubble blowing

Posted by LordV on 22-11-2005 08:28

I have watched and photographed many different fly species blowing bubbles. Well technically not bubbles- just drops from the end of their tongue which they then suck in again. My current record for the numer of consecutive drops is 11 and the biggest drop was about 2mm in size. Colour ranges from colourless through to dark coffee coloured. Some of the drops even have gas bubbles in.
Does anyone know why they do this?
Only theory I've heard of is "as an aid to digestion".
Interestingly when they do this the flies stay very still and seem to concentrate on what they are doing- they are easier to take pics of.
Attached pic of what I think is Scatophaga stercoria doing this.
Brian V.

Couple more pics of this behaviour.

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