Thread subject: :: Tachinid/Sarcophagid (?) specimen in search of id

Posted by Xeroporcellio on 30-05-2021 20:15

Zeegers wrote:
the lower calypter seems small, it might be Mimidexia (Rhinophoridae ) ?

*. heck postscutellum
* check posterior spiracle

Both virtually impossible to photograph :(


Thanks for the possible id! :D In that case, I will also check ''The world woodlouse flies (Diptera, Rhinophoridae) by Cerretti et al. 2020 ( to see if the characters given for Tromodesia (synonymous with Mimodexia in the paper) match my specimen and also ''The Rhinophoridae (Diptera) of Israel'' by Kugler 1978, to see if the description of Tromodesia angustifrons (the only species known from Greece) matches.

On top of that, I will try to take photos of the postscutellum with my stereoscope, but isn't the posterior spiracle only visible in larvae and pupae?