Thread subject: :: Tachinid/Sarcophagid (?) specimen in search of id

Posted by Xeroporcellio on 28-05-2021 20:22


Recently, I collected this dead specimen of Muscoid fly from my garden and I am trying to properly identify it. I think that it may be something in Anthomyiidae rather than Muscidae, but I am not sure. Any help with the identification (at family, genus or even species level) is welcome!

The specimen was found and collected in my urban garden in Western Athens, Attica, Greece in 24/5/21. I still have it in the freezer, so if more photos of specific external characters are needed for proper identification, just tell me!

Unfortunately, the photos were too large for uploading in the thread, so you can find them here:https://www.inatu...s/80639012


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