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Posted by Maherjos on 02-05-2021 23:02

Photograph taken on May 01, 2021 in Motril, Granada, Spain.
On the edge of a path, in farmland .
Immediate area of the Mediterranean coast.
Apparent size no wings, about 1,5 mm

Click over the image increases in size 1200ppp

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Posted by John Carr on 03-05-2021 14:39

Subfamily Phytomyzinae

Posted by Maherjos on 03-05-2021 16:50

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Subfamily Phytomyzinae

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Posted by von Tschirnhaus on 23-06-2021 17:37

Agromyzidae: Phytomyza spec.

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von Tschirnhaus wrote:
Agromyzidae: Phytomyza spec.

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