Thread subject: :: Bombyliidae, male of Systoechus ctenopterus? => Bombylius cf. venosus

Posted by Siegfried Rudolf on 23-04-2021 08:34

Hello together,

I found this fly on 21. April 2021 in Southwest Germany, Baden-W├╝rttemberg on a dry meadow. Is ist Systoechus ctenopterus?

Greetings Siggi

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Posted by eklans on 23-04-2021 11:43

Hi Siggi, I fear it is not: vein R-M is not close to the base of the discal cell. So it should be one of these:
Bombylius cinerascens, minor or posticus
Do you have more photos of the specimen? Lateral? We need to see the femora as well as a side of the thorax.
(Veldtabel wolzwevers by J.T. Smit)

Greetings, Eric

Posted by Siegfried Rudolf on 23-04-2021 18:59

Hi Eric,

I'm sorry, but I only have this one picture. Thank you for your detailed explanation. Then I will take the picture under Bombylius sp. classify.

Greetings, Siggi

Posted by Xespok on 08-07-2021 15:39

Could be Bombylius venosus male, but not sure.

Posted by Siegfried Rudolf on 29-11-2022 09:12

Hi Xespok,

please excuse my late reaction. I had somehow forgotten that. That could fit really well. I will now mark the image with a "cf." label. Thank you very much.

Greetings Siggi